Trails to Testimony

One day in 2005, I was helping Brad Harris grade some papers in his office at Brigham Young University when I received an invitation to do a research project for the National Office of The Boy Scouts of America. Several weeks later, I was packing up my family to travel across the country on the trail to our next great adventure in Irving, Texas.

One of the research projects was a survey of 3500 bishops from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints from across the country. Half of these bishops had registered Varsity Scout and Venturing programs in their ward, and half did not. The survey consisted of over a hundred questions asking everything from demographics of their congregation to how many of their young men chose to serve church missions. We found some very interesting data.

LDS wards who charter the "full family of Scouting" not only have a much higher rate of young men choosing to go on missions, but these missionaries are better prepared to serve the full two years and return with honor. 

Much of the data from this research project is highlighted in Brad Harris' noteworthy book, Trails to Testimony: Bringing Young Men to Christ Through Scouting. Since first being published in 2008, it has been read by thousands of Scouters and implemented in Scouting units across the country. Religious organizations of all faiths have learned how they can partner with The Boy Scouts of America in order to better prepare their young men for the future and bring them closer to God.

I highly encourage you to visit the Trail's to Testimony website and request your own copy today: 

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