Monday, April 28, 2014

Help Other People at All Times

Tonight my family and I had the opportunity to serve an older couple in our neighborhood. It was not something that we were asked to do. We were thinking about what to do for Family Home Evening when my oldest daughter suggested that a couple in the neighborhood needed their lawn mowed. So, we voted on it as a family and then headed over to their house.

After completing most of the yard work, our neighbor came home and surprised us by giving big hugs and kisses for a job well done!

My question tonight is, what does the line in the Scout oath which says, "to help other people at all times," really mean? Can we really help other people ALL the time? How do we possibly do this and still accomplish anything else in life? 

I guess the real question is, how can we instill in our young people a sense of service and the idea of helping other people at all times?

Obviously I am a big believer in The Boy Scouts of America and the values this organization teaches to both the youth and adults who participate. But what is the best method for taking those ideals of Scouting and instilling them into the next generation? I believe this happens as our youth see the ideals of the Scout Oath and Law personified in their adult leaders and parents who are living these ideals day to day in everything they do. And then our youth need to be held accountable to live those ideals by parents, leaders, and society in general.

What methods do you use as leaders of the next generation to instill the value of helping other people at all time into your youth? 

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