Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hurricane Mud Run - 2014

In 2013, my wife Melissa and I, along with a few friends, competed in a Warrior Dash mud run in Arizona. We trained, we worked, we ran, we sweat, and ultimately we conquered a grueling 3.1 miles of mud. Among other obstacles, we scaled several 30 foot climbing walls and scrambled through disgusting mud pits, finally arriving at an imposing pit of mud with barbed-wire strung across the top of it! We had to swim through the mud, under the barbed-wire, and then jump over a line of fire in order to ultimately cross the finish line.

This was a very difficult, wonderful, and memorable experience in my life, one that I consider life-changing. Once I had completed this grueling 3.1 mile race, I knew that I could accomplish just about anything I wanted to!

And now you, your friends, and your family have the opportunity to get good and dirty too!

Please join me on Saturday, May 17th as I get muddy in the Hurricane Mud Run

Register for this race by going to: www.hurricanemudrun.com  Be sure to use the coupon code: BSA to receive a 10% discount and support The Boy Scouts of America locally.

So the question I pose today is, what kind of difficult things are we doing as adults that set the example for our children, helping them to be prepared for the difficult things they will need to do in the future? 

It could be as simple as running a grueling 3.1 mile mud run, or as challenging as climbing Mount Everest! 

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