Thursday, May 29, 2014

Philmont Leadership Challenge

I will always remember the first time I arrived at the Philmont Scout Ranch. I was filled with excitement for the week ahead as I glimpsed the summit of the Tooth of Time off in the distance as snow was just beginning to fall to the ground. What a wonderful week it was! We learned as a group, bonded as a team, and experienced the wonders of Philmont in all her glory. One morning I woke to see wild turkeys sitting in a tree, not 20 feet from where we slept, deer in the meadow foraging for grass beneath the snow, and buffalo off in the distance. Can it get any better than this?

So, when I learned about the Philmont Leadership Challenge (PLC), an action-packed backcountry leadership course, I knew that this was one training that I didn't want to miss. This one is going on my bucket list!

PLC is a week-long conference that includes hiking, camping, and a variety of high adventure activities that are challenging and inspiring. It takes place in the beautiful high desert among the mountains of the Philmont Scout Ranch in northern New Mexico. They don't call it "God's country" for nothing. At this training, Scouters from around the nation get hands-on practice in the leadership skills they learned at Wood Badge. This wilderness experience reinforces the values of Scouting, motivating participants to follow a life of helping others. Once you've finished Wood Badge, this is the ideal next step!

When is this course offered?
★ Week 7: July 20-26
★ Week 11: September 14-20

For more information:
PLC Website

Space is filling up fast!

As my first Philmont experience came to a close, I had made friends to last a lifetime, memories to last even longer, and had learned more about myself in seven days than I could have with months of classroom education. Philmont is one of those pinnacle experiences in life that you don't want to miss. I have been back many times and plan to return again very soon!

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